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The strategic formation of Gemmer Process Partners has bridged gaps between processing-technology innovation, high quality machines, and plant engineering. Gemmer Group (Germany) together with Process Partners Inc of Michigan (USA) offers International clients quality processing technology.
 Gemmer Process Partners Custom FitTM Oven and Dryer Systems are designed to meet the unique and specific requirements of your products. 
 Our expertise allows for cost-effective processing solutions. We have an unparalleled understanding of product chemistry, energy requirements, role drying, sizing and shape for the construction of your equipment.
 Gemmer Process Partners offers processing solutions that utilize cutting-edge technologies, the highest quality construction, precision performance, hygienic design and cost savings.  
 Years of experience fabricating food processing equipment can benefit your product…and your company’s bottom line!

Thermal Treatment
To improve your air circulation, humidity control, exhaust systems, conveyors, ovens, roasters or other dryer operations? Our Custom Fit designs create customized solutions for a wide variety of products, including cereal, cereal coatings, eggs, crackers, paper, fruit leather, nutritional bars, coffee, tobacco, spices, nuts, granola, chips and other snack foods. We provide equipment such as belt dryers, cooling conveyor, fluidized bed ovens, toasting dryers, flaking mills and coating dryers. All equipment is Custom Fit and designed for your specific application. 
 We have years of experience and knowledge in manufacturing facilities. We are continuously developing and expanding our experience, research, and expertise to ensure that you receive correct equipment for your product. 
 Custom processing equipment ensures the success of your product.  Our design recommendations, will improve capacity, address waste reduction, improve sanitation, enhance control, provide product uniformity, optimize processes, reduce energy consumption, and fire protection systems.


Innovative Processing
Gemmer Process Partners has a reputation for combining cutting-edge technology, research and the highest quality craftsmanship. We will provide you with hygienic processing equipment. Our high standards for customer service and knowledge of thermo properties will provide equipment that best fits your company’s needs. Our Custom Fit are designed match to your product for improved efficiency and cost savings. Our designs allow for the drying, baking, and roasting process to enhance various textures and flavors. 

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