Quality German Engineering

Gemmer Process Partners

Industrial Production
Our thermal production facilities for Industrial size production equipment
GPP has it all:
  • belt dryers
  •  cooling conveyers
  •  fluidized bed ovens
  •  toasting systems
  • flaking mills
  • coating systems
  • coating dryers
  • syrup and rotary digester systems
  • conveyor annealing furnaces
  • conveyer
  •  dosing
  • process-control systems
We manufacture our equipment in individualized sizes, widths, shapes and heights to suit our clients' specific production capacities and space requirements. We also provide for the integration of special machines, feeding devices, conveyer belts, loading and emptying systems for industrial processing and specialized treatment for a wide range of products depending on your needs.
All of our equipment are equipped with electronic, hydraulic, or pneumatic controllers using PLCs, control console PCs, or touch-screen monitors.
Our spectrum of closely interwoven services extends from consulting, development, planning, manufacturing, and on-site assembly to the training of personnel and subsequent maintenance.

Custom FitTM
  • Multi Zone Single Stage Dryers
  • Fluidized Bed Ovens
  • Impingement Ovens
  • Multi-pass Dryers
  • Coating Dryers
  • Roasting Ovens
  • Baking Ovens
  • Production and capacity expansions
  • Replacement parts and maintenance for existing systems

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